Are Protein Shakes Essential?

Recently I was chatting to a gym member who had just finished their workout and bought a protein shake.

They asked me whether ” Are protein shakes essential?” So In this blog, I want to cover: Are protein shakes essential Post Workout

In short… Protein shakes are not essential you don’t have to use them post workout, however, it is a lot quicker and more convenient to have a protein shake post workout than it is to have a high protein meal. The other benefit of protein shakes is that they taste good, and they can be bought in bulk very cheaply, I recommend myprotein.

As long as within 2 hours of finishing a workout you consume something high protein it doesn’t really matter what you have.  Whether that be a high protein meal or a protein shake.

Check out my blog on what to eat after a workout for more info on what to consume post workout.

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