I want you to picture this scenario…  You’ve decided that you want to be a bit fitter and a bit healthier and perhaps lose some weight. So you go and sign up to your local gym.  You arrive at the gym and you feel a little bit nervous, you’re not really sure what to expect. 

You get inside the gym and you realise ” I don’t have a clue what I’m doing or what I’m going to do when I get in here.”

Sound familiar? This is the scenario that many people go through when they first join a gym. Today I want to cover a few things you should do when you go to a gym for the first time, especially if you have never used a gym before.


1. Introduce yourself to the staff

On your first visit find the nearest member of staff and introduce yourself. Explain that it is your first time at the gym and you have never used a gym before. Also ask whether they would be able to show you around the gym.

2. Book a gym induction

 Once you have completed the tour of the gym ask the member of staff if they could book you in for a gym induction. If you have never used the gym before and don’t know how to use the equipment it’s very important to have a gym induction.

If  the member of staff is free ask if they can do one there and then. In the induction you will be shown how to safely use some of the gym equipment.

3. Keep it basic

Once you have idea of where the equipment is and which equipment they have start with a basic workout. Start with some cardio  on either the cross trainer or a treadmill, then go and have a look at the weights machines.

​The majority of the machines will have a diagram demonstrating how to use them but if you get stuck grab a member of staff and ask for help. I would suggest picking one or 2 machines for each body part.

4. Follow a program/ plan

Now that you know how to use the equipment you need a plan to follow. Most gyms will offer some form of free program to members or for a small fee you can have one written (check that this is a service they offer)


Alternatively if they don’t offer programs go on bodybuilding.com  and look for a program to follow, they allow you to search by gender and goal.

There were a few tips to follow to stop you feeling nervous or anxious on your first visit to the gym, if you have any questions please comment below or email robert@rleat-fitness.com