How To Eat Cake And Lose Weight

I want to talk about cake, but specifically how you can eat cake and still lose weight.

When people go on a health kick they often deprive themselves of sweet treats such as cakes.

But that is boring and often leads to people getting cravings and then having a binge and thus gaining weight and falling off the wagon. Cake is really tasty and I’d much rather follow a diet that allowed me the flexibility of eating cake than one that meant I could only eat healthy food all day every day.

So how do you eat cake and lose weight?

if you have an understanding of energy balance you can still eat cake and lose weight.

If you have say 1,500 calories a day to play with there’s no reason why you couldn’t factor in a slice of cake that is 300-400 calories for example to those calories. Which would still leave you with over 1000 calories.

Obviously nutritionally there are better things those calories could come from but factoring in a slice makes it a lot easier to adhere to a diet long term.
So go have your cake and eat it. 🍰🍴

Eat cake and lose weight

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