How to eat clean on a budget

Think eating clean is expensive? Think again! Follow these simple tips to start saving money  and find out how to eat clean on a budget.

Whilst I was a student I managed to eat clean for as little as £20 a week and myself and my flatmate continue to eat clean for just £30 a week by following the simple tips I’m about to share with you.

Plan meals/ make a list

Create a food plan of all the meals you are going to eat that week then create a list of ingredients you will need for those meals. Going shopping with a plan/ list will save you money because you will know exactly what you’re going to buy and you are less likely to just buy things because they’re on offer.

Eat Clean on a budget







Never shop hungry

Never go shopping on a empty stomach, always eat something before going shopping.  You are more likely to make poor food choices when shopping hungry, you are also likely to buy whatever takes your fancy. This will lead to an expensive food shop.

Eat Clean on a budget

Don’t be a brand snob

Another tip for eating clean on a budget is: buy supermarket own brands whilst you may love a brand, ditching big brand names will save you a lot of money.

Own brands are cheaper than big brands and quite often are just as good quality as big brand names. Own brand products are also often made in the same factory as the big brand names too.


Eat clean on a budget

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Shop at low priced supermarkets and shops

Avoid shopping at high priced supermarkets like Waitrose and Marks and Spencer, shop at budget supermarkets like Lidl and Aldi and pound shops. If you don’t have one of those nearby do a price comparison on my supermarket and find out which supermarket near you has the best deals.

Find a local market/trader

Find a local market or a local trader like a greengrocers or butchers. Quite often local markets and local traders are cheaper than the supermarkets due to the fact items are sold loose without packaging  and you can buy by weight. This is not always the case so make sure you know your prices. Another advantage to this is you support a local business.

Bulk buy dry food

Bulk buy dry food such as pasta, rice, porridge oats etc. This will save you a lot of money because if you buy in bulk you don’t have to buy them as often and they will keep for a long time in your cupboards.

Eat clean on a budget

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Buy a whole chicken

Buying the whole chicken actually works out slightly cheaper than buying individual portions of chicken. A whole chicken normally lasts me a week plus there’s multiple uses for the chicken. It can be used for soups, frozen, used in sandwiches or on its own.

The bones from the chicken can also be used to make a chicken stock.

Buy frozen fruit and veg

Buying frozen fruit and vegetables works out cheaper than buying fresh plus it lasts longer. Frozen fruit and veg are normally frozen at the source so they’re often more nutritious than the fresh fruit and veg. Normally they sell the frozen fruit and veg in bigger quantities than the fresh kind.

Bulk out food with beans and pulses

The final way to eat clean on a budget is to use less meat & replace meat with beans and pulses, which are also high in protein but cost a lot less than meat.

Hopefully you now have a better idea of how to eat clean on a budget. If you have any money saving tips let me know I’d love to hear them, leave a comment below.

Eat clean on a budget

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