How To Stick To A Diet And Get Fit

Dieting and trying to get fit can be difficult for some people, and many people go on a health kick, try to get fitter and improve their diet but give up when they don’t see results or they expect results too soon.
So in this blog, I’m going to cover how to stick to a diet and get fit.
  1. Be realistic about your expectations
Don’t go expecting to lose loads of weight in only a few weeks, look at the bigger picture. It’s going to take time and hard work to see results.
With clients, I work them for the initial 12 week period but I’m always open that it will take longer than 12 weeks, 12 weeks is just the start.
 2. Have a clear goal
Stick to a diet and get fit

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Know your reason why you are trying to be healthier and get fitter. Simply to lose weight and get fitter isn’t good enough. How much weight do you want to lose? When do you want to have lost it by? an example of a good reason why could be to feel more confident with your body, or to fit into your fave dress again.
It could also be something stronger like staying healthy for your children if you have children.
Use the SMART method for setting goals (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time-bound)
3. Take baby steps
One of the reasons people often fail or struggle to stick to a diet and get fit is because they try to over complicate things and make too many drastic changes too soon.  Start with 1 or 2 new habits to focus on each week. For example, you could start by focusing on your water intake and step count.

4. Avoid extreme diets

I’ve seen all sorts of diets in my time, Keto, Paleo, cabbage soup diet, carnivore diet, juicing diets etc you get the idea. Whilst these diets may work initially and some people do get good results, the majority don’t end up sticking to them because they are just too extreme. Instead, look to build healthy habits, and reduce your overall intake of calories.
5. Be prepared
Pre-cook/ batch cook your meals in advance, this not only saves you time but it also saves you money. Eating out gets expensive but it can also be hard to find healthy options. So meal prepping is the way to go.
6. Make your goals visible
write your goals down on and stick it somewhere you will see it on a daily basis as a reminder of what you are working towards. This could be on the fridge, your bedroom door, or what I do is I put it on my phone lock screen.
7. Have a structured exercise plan
Try to avoid “winging it” with exercise, make sure you have a structured plan to follow. If you wing it, you will get bored or not have a clue what you should be doing. Whereas if you have a plan you know exactly what you need to do at the gym, how many reps and sets and rest time etc.
8. Train with a friend
Exercising with a friend/ as a group is much more motivating than training solo, it becomes competitive with the other person and you hold each other accountable.
9. Figure out how to make it fun
Find ways to make it more enjoyable, and fun to exercise and eat healthily, try different forms of exercise and classes to figure out which ones you enjoy and do more of them. If you enjoy exercising its much more likely that you will do it.
10. Get a coach
stick to a diet and get fit
There are lots of benefits to working with a coach. A coach will hold you accountable to make sure you stick to your training and diet, a coach will also help you to implement a training programme and a healthy diet. A coach will show you to perform exercises correctly and how to progress and regress the exercises.
An experienced coach will also know how to help you get through the tough times when the weight isn’t shifting and you aren’t making as much progress as you’d like.
There are lots of benefits to working with a coach. I offer coaching both in-person in the Bristol area and online, click here for more details
Hopefully, after reading this you now have a better idea of how to stick to a diet and get fit.
Stick to a diet and get fit

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