Harvey McDonald Testimonial

Robert Leat is a great down to earth guy that actually gave me a realistic and achievable exercise plan. The fact that he spends the time tailoring it all to my needs gave me the confidence that he’s the right choice for me. Once an exercise and diet plan was set, Rob kept in touch with me on a regular basis and gave me the motivation I needed to achieve the goals we set. As an online client, Rob keeps in touch with me via social media and video calls like Skype.
It makes life so much easier if I need to ask questions or queries regarding my fitness plan by having Rob just a few clicks away. Rob’s happy helpful and optimistic helped me to want to achieve my goals because he genuinely wants the best for me and my body as opposed to an angry grunting army Sargent who’s just in it for the money.
Rob’s plan has helped me to live a healthier lifestyle and really take a closer look at how what I eat and what I do affects my body. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their fitness 
Harvey McDonald

Aspiring Actor