The Truth About Supplements

A frequently asked question I receive is “what supplements do I need?”

supplements aren’t necessary in most cases as you should try where possible to get the nutrients you need from food, however, there are a few supplements that I do recommend are worth taking, so here’s the truth about supplements.

The ones that are worth taking include:

Whey protein

It’s a very convenient and easy way to hit your daily protein intake particularly if you have a busy schedule,
it helps with muscle gain when combined with resistance training and helps to minimise muscle loss on low-calorie diets.

The truth about supplements

Creatine is one of the most researched supplements and has lots of benefits which include: improvement in strength and power output, may increase lean mass and some studies have suggested an increase in anaerobic running capacity, it may also improve mental capacity and could be beneficial for vegetarians to take.

Multi-vitamins are particularly helpful if you struggle to eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, so they help you to avoid deficiencies and ensure your RDA is met. They are a good way to make sure you get enough vitamin D if you are somewhere with not a lot of sunlight.

The truth about supplements

Omega 3 / fish oil
Fish oil/ omega 3 is something that is worth supplementing particularly if you don’t eat a lot of fish. The benefits of omega 3/ fish oil include: a reduction in triglycerides, may improve mood in people with major depression, it has anti-inflammatory properties, its also an anti-oxidant, good for bone health, cognitive brain function and cardiovascular health.

the truth about supplements

Supplements you should avoid are: 
Fat burners
The effect they have on fat loss is very minor and they are essentially just caffeine pills, you are better off creating a calorie deficit to lose fat

Branch chain amino acids (BCAA’s) 
If your protein intake is sufficient you don’t need to supplement BCAA’s as many protein sources already provide enough BCAA for the body, so supplementation is unnecessary.

Detox supplements
You do not need detox supplements as it is the role of your liver and kidney’s to detox the body and remove toxins. If your kidneys and liver are not working get to a hospital asap.

Skinny Tea/ drinks 
They do not work the only way to lose weight is to create a calorie deficit by reducing your intake of food and upping your energy expenditure.

That was the truth about supplements, I suggest checking out Examine.com for more info on what supplements to use and which to avoid.

The Truth about supplements

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