Why I don’t sell meal plans 

Today’s blog is going to cover meal plans, but more specifically why I don’t sell meal plans.

I could easily make lots of money from selling plans as I get 100’s of messages asking what do I charge for a meal plan, and do I offer them etc. But I always turn away the business.

Here are some reasons why I don’t sell meal plans:

It’s not legal

The main reason why I don’t sell meal plans is that legally as a PT you are not allowed to sell them,
the only people who can provide meal plans are registered dietitians. As a PT I can only advise on habits and changes for people to make.

They don’t work 

The majority of meal plans do not work because people don’t stick to them, people will most likely follow it for a few weeks then fall off the wagon. Usually, because they get bored of eating the same foods, work gets busy, kids get sick, a friends birthday etc.

They’re not flexible 

They don’t offer you much flexibility with what you eat and tend to be very strict, so when eating out it may be difficult to stay on plan.

They lack variety 

It gets very boring eating the same foods day in day out, chicken rice and broccoli being a classic meal I see prescribed to people in plans.

They’re supposed to be a temporary solution

usually, a meal plan is created to help someone reach a short term goal e.g. lose a few lbs before a holiday or to meet a weight class for a sports competition.

They don’t educate you about nutrition
All a plan teaches you is how to follow a nutrition plan, it doesn’t really educate you about why for example protein, carbs and calories etc are important, and what to do if you are eating out and can’t stay “on plan”

I prefer to instead educate my clients about how to make better choices with food so they can be independent without the need for a nutrition plan.  I start with simple habit changes such as drinking more water, consuming more vegetables etc.

The only thing that I do “prescribe” clients is total calorie intake. I am a big fan of the flexible dieting approach for weight loss, they can then choose whichever method works best for them for tracking their intake whether that be a paper food diary or an app like myfitnesspal etc.

So that is exactly why I don’t sell meal plans. Next time you want to get in shape instead of looking for a meal plan instead look to make habit based changes and better decisions with food.

As I said above I help all of my clients with their nutrition as well as their training, this is all done through small and simple changes. If you’d like help with your nutrition…

I am starting to do a lot more in the way of online coaching. This involves a phone call with you each week to check in on your progress, a personalised workout plan which can be done at home or the gym, and nutrition coaching to help you get the best results possible.

If you are interested in working with me, book in for a complementary strategy call.

Why I don't sell meal plans

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